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...we would like to ask you a question. Which home has a metal roof?


Please click here for a free roof survey or here to view examples of our metal roofs or contact us via email, phone or fax in the Contact Us page. Today's metal roofing products bear little resemblance to the traditional style of metal roofing from years past. Even as the popularity of metal roofing for homeowners continues to grow, many are unaware of the choices that are available in today's marketplace. Our goal is to help educate and promote the benefits of metal roofing. We believe in providing corrent and accurate information so you can make a quality informed decision when choosing a roof. Experience has taught us that homeowners are often challenged, frustrated, and overwhelmed when confronted with making a roof selection. After all, there are many choices to be made. We believe there are several questions you should ask yourself to aid in the decision making process.

  • Do I go back to something that I'm familiar with even though I'm repeating the same cycle of replacement or do I choose a more permanent solution?
  • Do I choose a product because it's cheaper than most or do I invest in something that protects my property and its value?
  • When storms are on the horizon, am I nervous about the strength of my roof or would I prefer to be confident that my roof is secure and my property protected?
  • Am I satisfied with the current look of my home or would I prefer to have something that increases the aesthetic appeal of my home?
  • Am I looking for something that will help increase the energy efficiency of my home or am I satisfied with the current efficiency rating?
  • If I choose to sell my home, would a transferable roof warranty that lasts for decades add value to my home?
  • Is a metal roof worth the price?

  • If you're relating to some of these questions, don‚'t worry. You're not alone. We've had conversations with many homeowners and these concerns always seem to be on the forefront of their decision making process. Our site is built upon providing quality information to help you make the best decision for your situation. Please feel free to browse the different tabs in our residential section. We hope you will find some of the answers that you are searching for. If there are questions that still need to be answered, please click here for a free roof survey or contact via email, phone or fax in the Contact Us page.
    For Residential & Commercial Stone Coated Steel roofing we install roofs from these manufacturers in addition to others.

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