PVC Roofing

PVC roofing is good and we make it better. We take a long lasting roofing material and give it even longer useful life. Our method of improving and lengthening the service life of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the application of a waterproof elastomeric roof coating. Your vinyl roof has been good. Let us prove we can improve it. We specialize in waterproof coatings for PVC roofing Click here for a free roof survey

How do we make it better? We make it energy saving. We use a white roof coating, which is a reflective color. Reflectivity means a roof deflects solar heat rays rather than absorb them. Cooling costs drop when that heat is no longer seeping into the interior of your building.
How else do we make PVC roofing better? The vinyl membranes have attachments and seams that will eventually leak. A waterproof roof coating seals every attachment point and seam.
What other improvements are possible? Vinyl roofing usually lasts from 15 to 20 years. We can add a decade or more to that – ten more years of service with no maintenance.
How else do we make good become great? Vinyl roofs are noted for looking nice. A roof coating restores the seamless, timeless look of PVC roofing, while giving the upgrade to white.
Anything else? Sure. Vinyl lasts so long in part because the material has some elasticity. It flexes a little when needed such as when temperatures vary. The application of our elastomeric roof coatings maintains the ability to “give”, which eliminates cracking and loosening around seams and attachments.

PVC roofing is installed with various attachment methods and we are experienced at the repair and sealing of all of them. Here are the steps we take to add a space age polymer coating to an existing vinyl membrane: First, the entire roof is pressure washed to remove dirt, debris, industrial particulate, residue and any other grime. Then the repairs and restoration begin. PVC roofing has had a tendency to form blisters, and so they are removed and the spots sealed. Damaged seams are repaired with a very strong polyester fiber reinforced poluurethane material. It is used to repair all the seams. The reinforcement technique is also applied to flashing and around any roof penetrations, such as stacks or HVAC. If the fasteners are raised, they are re-installed and then they get reinforced.

When the entire surface has been repaired, two polyurethane waterproof base coats in liquid form are applied; they dry and then two waterproof polyurethane top coatings in titanium white are flowed on. They dry seamlessly and are very attractive. It can be a “makeover” for a building with PVC roofing. The difference in costs between extending the life of a roof and having one torn off and replaced is sizeable. It is often 30% to 50% more expensive to remove PVC and install a new one. Installing a new roof is far more disruptive to a commercial or industrial site, from pieces of the old roof being tossed to the ground to the incessant pounding of nails. Coatings are the quiet revolution in roofing. Extend the life or flat or low sloped PVC roofing with waterproof roof coatings Click here for a free roof survey

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